Seven Who Rebelled For All

Margaret Fuller  (1810-1850)

5. Margaret Fuller

Correspondent for Equality

Click to see Reverend Katie Lee Crane read Fuller’s words

Barbara Ruckle Heck  (1734-1804)

2. Barbara Reckle Heck

Demander for Reform

Elizabeth Jennings  (1830-1901)

7. Elizabeth Jennings

Challenger of Racial Bias

Click to hear Anita Hill read Jennings’ words

Ernestine Rose  (1810-1892)

6. Ernestine Rose

Agitator for Property Rights

Click to see and hear Gloria Jacobs read Rose’s words

Charlotte Temple  (1756-1824)

3. CharlotteTemple

Seizer of Imaginations

Click to see and hear Charlotte Cooper read Charlotte Temple

Sojourner Truth  (179?- 1883)

 4. Sojourner Truth

Orator for Abolition

Click to see and hear Reverend Violet Dease Lee read Truth’s words

Anna Catharina Maul Zenger  (1697?-1751?)

1. Anna Zenger

Sustainer of Freedom

Click to hear Ruth Sulzberger Holmberg read Peter Zenger’s words

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