Our 21 Stops

Opening the Way is a 21-stop walking tour capturing three centuries of women’s historic connections to Downtown Manhattan.

On the walk, we explore the work of these writers, agitators, abolitionists, suffragists, and those we now call activists, as well as three heroes who gave their lives on September 11, 2001. As you walk the streets, you will be able to absorb a sense of the world in which they worked and made themselves heard above the roar of the city.

OTW Map KeyOur stops are divided into three categories:

Seven Who Rebelled for All  

Margaret Fuller  ♦  Barbara Ruckle Heck  ♦  Elizabeth Jennings  ♦  Ernestine Rose  ♦  Charlotte Temple  ♦  Sojourner Truth  ♦  Anna Catharina Maul Zenger

Seven Who Led the Battles  

Susan B. Anthony  ♦  Jenny June  ♦  Augusta Lewis  ♦  Maria ‘Midy’ Morgan  ♦  Emily Warren Roebling  ♦  Elizabeth Cady Stanton ♦  Victoria Claflin Woodhull

Seven Who Insisted on Better Futures

Captain Brenda Berkman  ♦  Nellie Bly  ♦  Emma Bugbee  ♦  Louise Nevelson  ♦  Frances Perkins  ♦  Margaret Sanger  ♦  Ida B. Wells


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