Tours for College/University Students

Want to engage with history outside of the classroom? 

Opening the Way: A Women’s History Walk is a unique, engaging tour that puts the spotlight on women’s achievements in downtown Manhattan.

This tour is a perfect activity to add women’s history into your curriculum. 

Use Opening the Way to teach about issues such as abolition, suffragism, religious freedom, racism and sexism.  

Each woman championed a cause that inspired them to activism. Names like Sojourner Truth, Margaret Sanger, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Susan B. Anthony are more familiar — and part of the tour! — but what about the lesser known women of New York City history?

Women like:

Elizabeth Jennings (1830-1901) who went to court for race discrimination in 1854; 

7. Elizabeth Jennings

Augusta Lewis (1848-1920) who fought for female typographers’ right to unionize; 

12. Augusta Lewis

Nellie Bly aka Elizabeth Jane Cochrane (1867-1922) who had herself committed to an insane asylum in New York City in order to report on the conditions, methods, and treatment of the mentally ill. 

15. Nellie Bly

 Each of the 21 stops reveals a woman employing agency despite the oppressive societal factors that persisted for centuries. Their efforts may have been forgotten, but Opening the Way brings their voices back to life. 

Opening the Way is a walking tour of lower Manhattan marking the lives of women who led the way in journalism, leadership and social justice over the last three centuries running all the way to the present day heroines found in the female first responders to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

A guided tour is $10 per student and for accompanying adults.

To schedule a tour contact Women’s eNews at 212-244-1720 or email


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