Tour for Girl Scout Troops

In 2012 Opening the Way partnered with the Girls Scouts of Greater New York to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts in NY.

The result is an Opening the Way patch!


To earn the patch, participating Girl Scouts take the tour and are provided with interactive print material that encourages them to get inspired through learning about women’s history before and after the tour.

Learn about important women in NYC’s history during your troop meetings. There are three categories of famous women to study: Seven Who Rebelled, Seven Who Led Battles, and Seven Who Insisted on Better Futures.

  • Have the girls read about or listen to the recorded readings of at least one woman in each of these three groups.
  • Discuss how these women’s efforts have affected our lives today.
  • Have them choose current prominent women who are also positively affecting the world today (i.e. based on news they have heard or articles they can find in the newspaper or online) and share how these women are making the world a better place.
  • In small groups, have the girls decide on an issue that is important to them and then draft a letter to a local paper or online news source or to a political representative stating their position on the issue and what should be done to address the issue.

Take the tour and complete the chosen assignment => Opening the Way Patch!

 ”The Women’s eNews women’s history walk gives the Girl Scouts an opportunity to connect with the lives, past and present, of women who have blazed the trail for them” – Rita Henley Jensen, Editor-in-Chief of Women’s eNews.

“This is a great tour for middle school age and older! You really get a sense of early NY and the women who shaped it. Girls can do anything (bridge builder, suffragette, undercover journalist) & this tour reinforces that. Walking through the streets where these women walked was amazing. Highly recommend the tour.” – Ann Marie Woods, Bronx, NY. 

Opening the Way is a walking tour of lower Manhattan marking the lives of women who led the way in journalism, finance and social justice over the last three centuries running all the way to the present day heroines found in the female first responders to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

Cost: $6 per girl and free for chaperoning adults.

To schedule a tour contact Women’s eNews at 212-244-1720 or email

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