Standard Tour

Scenario: you are a resident of, or visiting, NYC and decide to take advantage of your time here.

How can you: 1) get outdoors; 2) learn something new; 3) do something unique to NYC?

Answer: Opening the Way: A Women’s History Walk!


We all know that NYC is nothing if not full of unique opportunities! As one of the oldest parts of New York City, much has changed over the centuries in downtown Manhattan, including major new developments in the 21st century. Opening the Way combines the past and the present by highlighting the historical and current efforts of women in lower Manhattan. These efforts range from campaigning for social justice, to building the Brooklyn Bridge, to saving lives.

Join Women’s eNews on our 21-stop walking tour as our gesture to celebrate 21 women who should never be overlooked or forgotten because their work, no matter how specific or general, contributed to the way we live our lives today.

Opening the Way tours run on the third Saturday of every month starting March 2015, and are also available for private scheduling.

Cost: $20 per person

Location:  Start at 6 Barclay Street, Women’s eNews HQ

End at St. Paul’s Chapel on Broadway and Vesey Street.

Run time: 1.5 hrs.

To book a tour please contact or phone 212-244-1720 


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