We are happy to be contacted directly to answer any questions you might have. In the meantime, please check below for some answers to frequently asked questions.

When do tours run? Opening the Way runs public and private tours from March to November. Private tours can be held during off months.

Public Tours?  Public tours are on a set schedule, run every month on the third Saturday at 11.00 am and open to any person interested.

Private Tours?  Private tours can be scheduled for any large or small group, and can be scheduled for a date and time chosen by you. Special requests are welcome.

Reservations? To join us for a public or private tour we require advanced bookings.

Prepayment? Payment required in advance. Please inquire about ways to do so.

Pricing?  Public tour: $20 per person; Standard tour: $20 per person; College/University Student: $10 per person; Young Student: $8 per person; Girl Scout: $6 per person; Corporate Package: $2,000-2,500.

Minimum and Maximum Number? No minimum; maximum 15 people per group. If the group is larger we run two tour groups simultaneously.

Time? Approximately 1.5 hrs

Meeting Place? Women’s eNews HQ, 6 Barclay Street, between Broadway and Church Street, New York, NY 10007

Ending Place? St. Paul’s Chapel, Broadway and Fulton Street, New York, NY

Directions? 4/5 train to Fulton Street; 6 train to Brooklyn Bridge; R train to City Hall; 2/3 train to Park Place; A/C train to Chamber Street; E and PATH train to World Trade Center.

Tour Guides? Rita Henley Jensen, editor in chief at Women’s eNews; Meagan Lee Butler, development and events associate at Women’s eNews (see tour guide bios for more information!)

Accessibility? All the stops on our tour are wheelchair accessible except for the final stop, St. Paul’s Chapel, which has small flights of stairs to the Chapel and the graveyard.

Bathroom Facilities? Facilities are available at the meeting place, and again at the end of the tour at St. Paul’s Chapel.


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