About Women’s eNews

Women’s eNews is an impact-driven nonprofit daily news organization that creates social change by disseminating information and focusing attention on the rights of women and girls around the world through investigative reporting.

Women’s eNews helps set the news agenda for conventional media;

  • impacts opinion leaders and policy makers;
  • is a resource and catalyst for rights organizations and activists;
  • uncovers injustices, draws attention to issues, disseminates information and empowers readers;
  • helps foster, train and support the career development of new journalists with a focus on social justice and women’s rights;
  • raises the profiles and supports the leadership development of its 21 Leaders for the 21st


Teen Voices

Women’s eNews is proud of our youth-training journalism initiative,
Teen Voices

Teen Voices at Women’s eNews is the premiere source for global news on girls’ experiences, perspectives and challenges, cultivating the next generation of social activist journalists and bridging the gap between generations of female readers on our site.  Changing the media landscape one byline at a time. Girl-produced news for a global audience. #BeHeard


Women’s eNews by the Numbers

  • More than 1 million unique page views to the Women’s eNews website in 2014
  • 25,000 subscribers receiving our daily news or weekly newsletter, while our website is updated with breaking news alerts throughout the day
  • 63.8K + followers on Twitter retweeting Women’s eNews and Teen Voices stories to thousands more readers, and 14,000+ “likes” on Facebook and Teen Voices Facebook
  • 5,000+ original news stories written by a host of independent journalists from every spot on the globe
  • 40 awards for coverage, leadership and groundbreaking journalism (In August, 2013 we landed a spot on the Forbes 100 Best Websites for Women for the 3rd year in a row!)
  • 25+ Special Series produced

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