Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Cady Stanton!

Today, November 12, is Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s 200th Birthday and  
 her spirit has never been more alive.


The Unwavering Campaigner, Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Stanton, called the Unwavering Campaigner, joined up with her close friend, Susan B. Anthony, and the two tirelessly campaigned for U.S. women’s suffrage throughout the 19th century.   The countdown to the 100th anniversary of their ultimate victory has begun, and her heirs in the women’s political power movement honor Stanton’s strategies and still look forward to the day when the U.S. Senate has 51 women and the U.S. Supreme Court is five women and four men. So start looking out for celebrations.

Although Stanton died without seeing women granted the right to vote, she remains, along with Anthony, one of the best known American suffragists.

At Women’s eNews, we are particularly proud to use our women’s history walking tour to share her work with Anthony from 1868-1870 publishing a newspaper called The Revolution.

Women are often defined by their lifecyles: wife, mother, widow. I would prefer to define Stanton by her tenacity. Her life-long dedication to social and gender equality began at a time when very few people were listening.


Elizabeth Cady Stanton with Susan B. Anthony

Many more are listening now. Here are two of our favorite Stanton quotes:

“Men, their rights and nothing more; Women, their rights and nothing less.”                                                                                                            — the motto of The Revolution.

“I shall not grow conservative with age.” 

We can take comfort in knowing that these last 200 years would not have weakened her resolve.

As an added bonus, please check out  our honoree Dr. Sally Roesch Wagner giving her stellar performance as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, at Women’s eNews 21 Leaders for the 21st Century Gala in May 2015: